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Itching like crazy! Help!

Hi, I'm 47 and was diagnosed with Lupus and kidney disease in 1997. I was on dialysis for almost 4 years. I received a bilateral kidney transplant in 2001 and also blessed with my daughter in 2006. Recently, I started itching all over my back and my stomach. It is driving me crazy that I can't sleep! I jumped in the shower at 3:30 am just to wash myself and see if I would feel better. It worked temporarily! It's happening again and I even changed my sheets too. What could it be?

Thank you!

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High urea levels cause itching. I had my transplant 21 years ago & know when my levels are up as it drives me mad ! I know how u feel .

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Hi Lupiemom,

Have you spoken to your GP or rheumatologist about this?

Skin involvement is common in lupus, with 60-70% of people with lupus reporting some skin problem. We published an article on our blog about coping with itchy rashes which you may like to read here: lupusuk.org.uk/coping-with-...


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