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Hi. I have posted a few times in the past and have received helpful replies. Two of which suggested a lupus specialist in the Liverpool area who diagnosed on butterfly rash and symptoms, but no positive blood tests. If anyone can remind me of their names and where they work I would be very grateful. It would seem that I am sergonative for several autoimmune diseases and am wondering if this could be the case with my lupus type symptoms. Thank you

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Hi Suecon,

Your previous post which had some helpful replies is here - healthunlocked.com/lupusuk/...

I don't know personally know any NHS lupus specialists in the Liverpool area unfortunately. The Kellgren Centre at Manchester Royal Infirmary may be your closest specialist centre - it is actually a LUPUS UK Centre of Excellence. A couple of the consultants there are Prof Ian Bruce and Dr Ben Parker.

There may still be some good lupus doctors in the Liverpool area. You could try contacting our North West Lupus Group to see if they have any recommendations? You can contact them through their website at northwestlupus.org.uk

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Thank u, Paul. That's very helpful x

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