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Hi I've not been told I have anything mostly because my doctors won't listen and I want some advice because my health does concern me I'm 26 I've been having pains for years specially with my bones out of no where my arm bones will hurt or my hand and fingers and my hips and legs and ankles everything hurts but feels like not my flesh it's my bones some nights I wake up with the pain mostly my hips and back and arms and I toss and turn tried to tell my doctors there not bothered I have more stuff but I wanted to see if anyone know what it could be or if anyone has the same problem I've been having these pains since I was teenager but got worse as I got older.

Thank you for reading my post x

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  • Hi Elizabeth,

    As we are not medically trained, we are not really in a position to say what may be causing your pain. Are you able to elaborate a bit more about the other symptoms you have been experiencing, because it may help us in providing you with information.

  • I do have other stuff going on not sure if any join with my bone pain though but when I stand or walk for a bit my ankles swell up and go a purple red so I have to listen my sandals and the pain in my bones actually coming from the bones and they take turn ether neck or hips or legs or spine or sometimes most of them hurt at same times and I have been getting a very sharp pain in back of my head like the spine joining the head part it so sharp it hurts very bad sometimes I try to press hard or give it little wac and I get Sharpe pain sometimes in end of my fingers and toes and my bones hurt more when they get cold so to ease the pain I try warm them up but every night I wake with pains in my hip my back and when I fully wake up takes me while for pain to stop because I have other problem aswell but not connected. Sorry such a long message

  • please speak to your GP about you concerns ..To help them understand try to describe the pain intensity, how often it occurs, is it always in "specific" areas, muscles or joints etc. Does anything make it worse (eg after being standing or doing a lot of walking), does basic pain medication such as paracetamol ease the pain etc etc.

  • I've tried to I have loads times my doctor don't even give me few minutes I have some mental issues and findit hard to leave the house so I choice to make a proper appointment to get longer instead of ringing on the day for 2 minute appointment but I still get 2minutes I'm concidering changing my doctors. And got to admit not normal pain killers don't do anything for me so I just don't take them and thank you for your reply x

  • It may be worth trying to get a referral to a hospital consultant who may have more experience with treating symptoms like yours. Perhaps it is worth trying to push for a referral to a rheumatologist for further investigations?

    We published an article about pain management a few months ago which included lots of tips from people with lupus. It may be of interest to you -

  • Thank you for your advice I think I will push for that

  • Thank u for replying I will try the gel one I think because I tried other pain stuff and don't work but I also tried to make my self for active I'm going to go different doctors and register and see what they say because the doctors in my area and not very good at all my old doctors was great helped me with my other stuff just didn't have time to get to this and couple other stuff because I didn't live in the area so I had to get doctors in my own area was safe shame.

  • Hi - sorry your doctors aren't listening at all to you. Just because you have a problem with anxiety doesn't mean you can't have other problems - you should be taken seriously and have tests run to see if you have any antibodies or inflammation in your body. This is very easy for them to do and will give you a better idea of whether or not you have an inflammatory disease such as RA or Lupus. I can relate to the pain you're experiencing although I don't have it like this constantly - but it does feel often as if the pain is in my bones rather than in my joints. I think this is tendon and nerve pain for me anyway. I have Sjögren's with small fibre neuropathy and tendinitis.

    This is an autoimmune disease like Lupus and can affect sufferers in any number of ways and, although it most commonly shows up in women over 40 - it can affect anyone of any age.

  • Thank you for replying and I know the doctor should take more seriously everything I say he says stress, depression, anxiety can cause it but I going to push for things to get sorted and if not I changing doctors and sorry about your heath.

  • Thank u for replying I will try some off them things I started to go for long walks now because I don't get out hardly ever but my feet do swell up and go purple red colour but I try doing other stuff.

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