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So today I saw an osteopath for some leg pain and while we were going through my medical history she popped out to grab an extra sheet. It was a question sheet for Candida. According to the sheet if yo say yes to 1 or more questions from the first part and 2 or more from the second you could well have a Candida issue. Well I answered 4 and 6.

Anyway apparently Candida (thrush) is something that can get a bit out of control if you have a weakened immune system and that can lead to all sorts of issues including gut problems, aches and pains, tiredness etc. That discribes me to a T. Maybe i've finally found out why I'm not feeling better.

I'll be doing some research on it and everything and then I guess i'll embark on this treatment plan they have. It involves a fair amount of dietary restrictions so doesn't sound much fun, but it might just be the fix i've been longing for.

And from an osteopath of all places. Here I thought I was just going in to have a trapped nerve looked at.

Anyway, I thought i'd mention i on here in case anybody knows anything about it and for if anybody wants to have a look into it. It seems it's not something drs are too on board with yet, but I believe there are a fair few studies to back it up.

Here's hoping for some success!

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Interesting. Thank you for sharing.


Interesting idea. It sounds as if this might come under the heading of a "Candida overgrowth" type situation? I'm sure you will have done some further research, and will be aware that this is not generally recognised as a thing by doctors.

The NHS Choices website is here nhs.uk/conditions/leaky-gut...

Be very interested to hear how you get on in any case - and from anyone else who has gone down this road x


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