Really ... 😑 no popcorn 🍿

I've had a great week. I managed to work all 5 days, cope with life outside work and fall asleep every night feeling exhausted, not 'wiped out' which is the norm, just exhausted which is good.

So I thought having such a great week will mean an even better weekend. I planned to spend some time in the garden, go to the cinema and even do some window shopping with my oldest daughter. How does the saying go 'the best laid plans ...'

I woke up this morning eyes wide with excitement. It lasted 2 milliseconds, I could feel ever joint in my body from head to feet screaming in agony. I am completely washed out, someone pulled my plug overnight and I can barely move around in bed. What went wrong from falling asleep at 11:30 to waking up at 7:30 this morning. Someone has played a terrible trick on me. Oh yeah, it's called living with an autoimmune disease (AD).

Now to plan B. Loads of meds. Shower if I get that far and a movie while lying on the sofa. You can't make plans with an AD, you just have to live for the day. I should know this by now.

Here's to the cinema in my living room and the pain meds instead of popcorn 🍿.



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3 Replies

  • I feel your pain, as they say! My calendar is filled with penciled in events and appointments. I get to all the medical ones, and about a tenth of the nice ones. Thank goodness for old B movies on Youtube. The birds benefit, though - the money I save not going out ends up spent on peanuts and sunflower seeds! x

  • Yes, life means Plan B x

  • Sound vaguely familiar takes the shine off a good day weekend

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