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Feel over dramatic

My pain is still there . It has started to ease up and is not as bad as Tuesday . Hopefully by Saturday it will be gone back to normal daily pains .

I feel like I was so over dramatic with my thinking on Tuesday . I literally thought I was going to end up in hospital or something worse. I am glad the pain is slowly going . I need to stop over thinking and just let things take course .

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Hello. I think that is totally understandable! It all overwhelms us sometimes and you can't see the woods for the trees, as the saying goes. My last flare led to the longest and scariest headache I've ever had and I considered going to A&E. I have NEVER been to A&E before. I didn't go but later wished I had. I needed to. But it's very difficult to know what to do for the best isn't it. I was worried they would think I was making a fuss about nothing? That's silly really. So no, don't beat yourself up about it. Sometimes it's difficult to know what to do for the best. Do you take anything for pain relief? Where was your pain? Did anything trigger it?


Pain killers don't work . I am currently taking one tablet a day of hydroxy .

I don't why it happened I believe it was the tablet . Started the tablet on Saturday got pain on Tuesday . Now the pain is going things are looking up again.

I think I got all worried because I felt like had when I pre diagnosis . I just kept saying to my self I can't live how i was before . I had all these scenarios of what to do in my head ( bit of a worrier me)


My headaches are like that. Paracetomol and ibuprofen, your standard pain relief don't touch a lupus headache and that is scary in it's self. It sounds like your pain is your lupus and until your lupus is under control, you will get pain, unfortunately. It might be that you are having a flare up of this pain and that has coincided with starting the hydroxy again.

Don't forget you've lost a loved one recently and that kind of stress is not good for us. Stress can trigger symptoms and flares. I know the doctor say avoid stress, but I always laugh at that. Life isn't like that is it? Unless you shut yourself off from everyone and everything! Impossible. I am worried about my 3 children at the moment and the pressure they are under at school as they do their 3 National Tests each. Poor things. 2 take it in their strides really but the 3rd gets very anxious and worked up and then yesterday said he nearly wet himself before he went into the exam room. He's 11. They shouldn't have this should they. Anyway, I digress.

Keep a note of these symptoms and how you are feeling day to day, so that when you next get to discuss your medication with a doctor you have a written record to refer to. It's really hard to remember all the details at appointments when the appointments are weeks if not months apart (especially with a lupus brain fog!).

Lupus is unfortunately like a nasty roller-coaster ride with ups and downs. When you are down you can't see a way out and that is terrifying and then when you are having good times, you are scared of slipping backwards. That;s how it is for all of us, I promise. But remember you are not alone and we are all here because we need reassurance and comfort from other lupies, who truly understand what we are going through.

Stay strong LouLamb. I hope you have something to look forward to this weekend.

Wendy xx


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