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Fed up

Hi been a while . so fed up this week I have found a lump on my boob went to the Docters getting referred as soon as. But during appointment I asked for some painkillers as you some don't agree with everybody ! I said I had lupus ran through my big list of meds . her reply don't really know much about lupus and all the the symptoms . just try these ones that can cause gastric problems . I explained already have issues with the gastric . she just ignored me so waiting to see my normal docter . don't understand why whenever you go to a different docter you spend ten minutes going through everything surley its on my notes .

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I can identify with your problem! It is so frustrating to have to go through the whole history whenever we see a different doctor. I don't have lupus but have pmr and several other add ons. I am on many medications and have to go through the whole lot each time. Nowadays I take my repeat prescription list to save having to remember them all. I'm sure everything is on our notes but they are too lazy to go through them. I try to keep a sense of humour but golly is it hard! Good luck with your latest appointment. Most lumps are nothing sinister so fingers crossed.

Love Liz.


Hi, I'm sorry to hear about your new worries and its unfortunately not unusual for GPs to have little knowledge of auto immune conditions. I agree it is infuriating that we have to go through our histories each time. I think there are two problems; we do not get to see the same drs each time. In hospital this is due to training rotas, but in the GPs surgeries you expect to see at least one of a couple of the same people. The other problem is they are not given enough time in your appointment to read your notes on the computer. This I think is worrying as if you were elderly or confused you would not give the right information.

As ex NHS I still blame government targets, who want value for money not the service drs want to give. However, they in charge of their own training. There are main online nhs services they can access for advice.

Good luck with your lump. Unfortunately not many pain killers are gentle on the stomach or don't interact with other meds. Ask your pharmacy for more advice.


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