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Butterfly rash?

Hey everyone, so apparently I don't have lupus - I have all the markers bar one but can't remember what it is now - ena's or something? That was the only negative- very high ANAs and speckled pattern. I have undifferentiated connective tissue disease, celiac and good old fibromyalgia. I was out in strong sunlight for half an hour yesterday and have felt like I've been coming down with flu since then, and I have a pink/red flush across my nose and cheeks a bit. It's not raised or lumpy like it has been before. I didn't think to take a photo of it that time 😔 Could someone please explain to me what the butterfly rash feels like because it's difficult to tell just from photos. I'm on plaquenil 400mg daily for the UCTD/FM. Thanks for your help 😊

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