Owe, just owe!

Well, after several interventions my rheumie suggested yesterday that I go in today to have my knee sorted. The rheumie nurses were brilliant at responding to my messages on their help line. They acted immediately and phoned me again within the hour having spoken to my consultant.

Needless to say, my poor, very swollen knee and foot was checked by the very attentive and not at all rough registrar at cons request, who drew off an alarming amount of aspirate and then steroid injected the poorly bits.

I've not got a history of gout and my uric acid blood levels have always been normal, but they've sent aspirate to cytology to check for crystals just in case (if they find rubies or diamonds I'm keeping them 😂). Reg though it was most likely Lupie as usual.

Another round of blds to check inflammatory markers and blood cultures.

Anyway, I'm sooo pleased they're trying to help, I was getting beside myself with pain, abdo pain, wobbly guts and feverish, but just at the moment I can barely walk! I'm hopeful once the steroids kick in (bad pun) that I'll be fit for London!!!!

At the moment though it's all just owe still!

I think of you all. I'm sure this is a familiar story! Not having a moan, just externalising my knee pain so it disperses in the wind!

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  • Hope the aspiration works wonders and with a bit of luck the steroids will r deuce the inflammation so you can hop, skip and jump to London (figuratively speaking).😉

  • Thank you. I can already see the outline of my kneecap, which has been so puffy for weeks!

  • YAYAY 🤞✌️🌈🌷🍀😘

  • That's great news! A good response from your medical team and swift treatment. Doesn't get better than that does it. I hope you continue to see improvements. x

  • I was so impressed with their care of me on Friday. It's easy to focus on the negatives that I think our tricky conditions so often mean we experience, but when I team are helpful and so promptly, it's nice to say so. One happy bunny today, having slept fairly well for the first time in ages.

  • Brilliant! I had a steroid injection for bursitis in my hip last year. I had been in excruciating pain and the injection provided amazing relief. X

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