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Doctors letter

Made an appointment for tomorrow morning to see my doctor . Fingers crossed she'll give me a letter for my PIP .

I'm going to write down tonight on bit of paper what I can't do . E.g making a meal . I get to tried and can't chop etc .

If she doesn't give me a letter I'll have to send my form off with no evidence get turned down for pip then go to appeal again . Hopefully with a letter and after an assessment I will get it again

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Good luck! x

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Have you got letters from consultants, OTs and anywhere else you have been regarding your condition? If you haven't got any you can get a copy of all these from your surgery. Send them ALL with your application for PIP however old the letters are. Weed out the ones you don't think will help though! I had one which began 'I have seen this active lady in my clinic today......' and then went on to explain my conditions really well but that first sentence would have meant the powers that be wouldn't have read any further!

Good luck with your GP's letter and with your PIP application. Let us know how you get on.

Maggie xx


Me again!

I forgot to add that you are very sensible to ask for a letter from your doctor. The PIP people are unlikely to contact your doctor as they have to pay for it but if they do, in this situation, the doctor is only allowed to put down what he/she has seen of you. For instance, when asked about your mobility they can only comment on what they have seen i.e. you struggling into the surgery. Not a very complete picture by a long way.

Have you looked at This site is excellent. To get all the worksheets you would need to be a member which is £19.99 per year but, to my mind, worth every penny. I don't think I would have been able to cope if I hadn't had all their information. There is a forum as well but it is only open for posts at certain times of the day as the site is run by disabled lawyers and they can only cope with so much.


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