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Flare after operation

So I had keyhole done on Tuesday just gone, as soon as I got out of recovery I could feel straight away I was starting a flare, I have had none stop weakness and dead limbs in my legs and left arm since then, and none stop pins and needles in both legs. I went a&e Saturday they turned me away as I was getting a infection in my wound on belly button An said it's fine, I have felt very unwell since. Luckily enough my mum called my gps demanding a emergency appoitment as they constantly turn everyone away, unfortantly I'm having a flare, I have a water infection, my wound after surgery is infected and so is womb :( not sure if I should call my rhumy or maybe this has nothing to do with anything but the surgery.....

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So sorry to hear you are unwell post operatively.

As a retired surgical nurse I would urge you do the following:

Telephone the ward where you had your operation and let them know. Ask for post operative care advice.

Tomorrow, phone the surgical consultant Secretary and let her know. Also, let your rheumatologist know.

Ask all medical staff you contact to ensure your call is noted in your records.

Your wound needs checking and someone needs to take responsibility for that.

I think you may have seen your GP and have antibiotics as you have a uti?

Keep an eye on your temperature and baseline observations. If you deteriorate at all during out of hours, phone 111 for advice. If you become very unwell and or develop a rash phone for an ambulance.

It appears to me that we have to fight for our previous expectation that care will be available when we are unwell.

Your mom sounds lovely and caring. Between you the care you feel you need should materialise.

Get well soon.


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