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Update 😬

I posted a while ago about my daughter being poorly and we were waiting blood results unfortunately aftervwaiting 10 days and chasing doctors I was told there were no results as her blood had not been processed so we had to have bloods done again,3rd time and yet again they have not been processed doctors said they had been labelled correctly and do not know why this has happened so we are now back to doctors Monday morning for the fourth blood test which my daughter isn't to happy about as she has fainted the last two times 😥 So we are still no further forward 🤔

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Time for a complaint. If the GPs are making a mess - you need to go directly to the hospital. It is bad enough losing one for an adult - multiple ones for (I assume) a child is not.

If they are losing things that means their procedure is wrong somewhere - and if you don't put in a complaint they won't bother looking.


We are going to put a written complaint in there are lots of things that have happened for one reason or another and it has been a complete mess. Hopefully Mondays bloods will not go walk about x


I'd be taking a coolbag and offering to deliver the bottles to the hospital myself! It is appalling! When it is good the NHS is very good - when it is bad it is horrid. But most healthcare services are the same.

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Most general hospitals have a phlebotomy service that patients can easily access. All you'll need is the request form from your gp or confirmation from the surgery that the electronic version has already been completed by the requesting doctor, which generates an electronic assay request at the lab that the phlebotomist can access in order to take the correct samples. I think it's reasonable to request this under the circumstances and should make sure that these samples do in deed reach the lab correctly. At least then if there is an issue it narrows it down to lab error, not surgery protocols or courier. It's probably worth the effort.

I do hope this gets done promptly and accurately whichever method you choose and that your daughter does not feel too grim having it done (another good reason to have it done elsewhere).

You definitely need to make a complaint /statement asking for the errors to be fully investigated, not just apologised for. Unless the route causes are found it may happen again.

I wish you both progress.


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