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SLE and low clotting factor 2

Hi everyone,

I was just wondering if anyone else has experienced bleeding problems along with an SLE diagnosis?

I had ITP from the ages of 13-17, and no problems between 17-21, until having a bad time with my periods, joints etc. all turning drastically for the worst over this past year. Got diagnosed with lupus this past feb with all blood test results confirming the diagnosis. My clotting times are elongated, and my clotting factor 2 is really low [4% when it is meant to be >50%].

Hope everyone is well :)

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Have you been tested for APS? Antiphospholipid syndrome also known as Hughes ? This is a common syndrome that can run along with lupus. I would expect them to test for it.

I had elongated clotting times when first tested and they also found all three antibodies.

Have you spoken to your doctor? Or asked for a copy of your test results?

Take care

L x


Does your doctor regularly monitor your platelet levels? Sometimes lupus can attack the platelets causing the levels to drop which can affect the ability to clot.


Yes, my platelet levels have come back in the normal ranges each time. I have had treatment of immunogloblins recently and it has drastically helped my clotting times :)

I was just wondering if people experience problems with bleeding too much rather than clotting too easily which seems to be a more common sympton.


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