Please help?

Please help?

My Gp has made a referral for me to see a consultant because she thinks I have SLE. I have all of the typical symptoms - fatigue, cognitive and memory issues, pains in wrist, severe headaches and so on. My doctor asked if I ever get a rash across my face so I showed her a picture from a couple of weeks ago when my face went red across my cheekbones. The problem that causes me the most discomfort is the insanely cold chills that I get all over my body. It feels like I'm stone cold from deep inside, my arms get goosebumps, and my skin goes a pale white/purple colour. I can't find any connection online between these chills and Lupus. Does anybody else get intense chills? I've attached pictures - although I had a tanning solution on my arm/hand when I took the picture of my hand so it doesn't look quite as pale as usual.

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  • I've read about Raynaud's and I think my chills are very similar, in that the trigger seems to be any slight drop in temperature or my emotions. But this isn't just in my hands, it's everywhere! It feels the worst on my back.

    Also (sorry guys) when I was trying to breastfeed my baby I was getting awful sharp pains in my nipples whenever there was a drop in temperature. I had it with my first of my two babies too but not half as severely. X

  • It would take a rheumy to give you a better answer, but I have a definite diagnosis of Raynaud's. Yes, I get chilled to the middle on occasions and have very cold extremities which go dead white and numb. Chilled right inside is scary isn't it? I also have those marks on my legs and arms. I've heard of the nipple problem,too.

  • Thank you for your response. I suppose I'll just have to wait to see the rheumatologist. It's horrible having to wait though. Someone messaged me yesterday to say that seeing the consultant still won't give me an answer - her husband has been seeing one for over 2 and a half years with loads of symptoms but still hasn't been given a diagnosis. Is that common?

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