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MRI experience this weekend


I'm sorry if I put anyone off... My neurologist asked for an mri Saturday morning to check for lesions on my brain and spine. He wants to look for MS.

So anyway I knew that it meant going in the tunnel machine. They never said it'd be over an hour in the tightest space ever. I laid on the bed and the nurse fastened my head in a very restrictive neck bracket. She gave me a thing to squeeze if I needed anything.

To begin with they did my brain scan so it was only my head and shoulders in the machine, then as they began on my spine I gradually went further and further in. This is when I started to panic, I kept going to almost the base of my spine. The noise of the procedure wasn't really bothering me, but in between the sections the machine beeped and I knew I was about to move again, just each time I was further and further inside. I'm not a small lady but it was so tight and uncomfortable to stay in that position for over an hour. My right arm and fingers went numb at one point. I couldn't keep going, squeezed the panic button and cried. The nurses were pretty quick at coming to help and get me out of the machine safely. I got my belongings and headed outside. Phew.

Honestly don't ever want that to happen again, not whilst I'm conscious that is. Now the wait for the results...

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