5th Driving Lesson

Had another driving lesson this afternoon. The lesson covered a little introduction to a left corner reversing turn. Will go back to that later on he said.

Need to continue working on the gears. I am not putting the clutch down to the floor. I am not very good with timing. When coming up to a junction. I am leaving it to late to slow to 2nd gear the stop.

Roundabouts are confusing me as well. I think because i am left handed i am getting very confused with the right. I know my left from the right but its just in the moment i seem to forget.

I am booked in for next Wednesday morning at 7:15 - 8:15am. I'll drive to work. Which is good because if i do pass that is a journey i would do monday-friday. At least i can get up bit later on Wednesday not have to get 2 buses :)

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Have you tried fiddling with your driving position? If I have the seat even slightly too far back - even just 1 notch - I don't get the clutch far enough in. And that is after over 40 years driving!


I have the seat so far forward just to be able to reach the clutch . I am not very tall . So the seat is literally as far forward as it goes . Lol


I remember having a couple of bricks under the back of the seat when I first learned to drive!!!

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