Does everyone have any migraine headaches when you wake up first thing in the morning? Do you get sore too?

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  • I often have a headache on waking, but its not severe or migraine-like, so it might not be anything like yours. I put it down to mild dehydration and make sure I drink a couple of glasses of water straight away. That seems to do the trick...x

  • Thanks

  • Hi Jensen-Lynne

    I can have migraine headaches first thing in am. I put it down to it being inflammation time as it improves after I've taken my pills!. Would apply to soreness too. Are you taking any medication?. Usually doctors want to find cause of anemia as it can be due to stomach or bowel problems. Hope it's being treated. X

  • I've been diagnosed with anemia, all he said was eat healthy, exercise, and drink lots of liquids and sleep a lot

  • Over the last 6/7 months I have gradually had more and more headache/migraine they appear and go very quickly but are very intense ,my hands and leg ,back are always sore stiff and later in the day I lose the dexterity in my hands (I'm a carpenter and struggle to pick small items up ) not sure if it's the methatrexate that's making headache worse as it dose knock me off my feet

  • I have had many problems with headaches of every form and migraine and have tried all manner of solutions. I found I was waking up with a headache most mornings and it was really getting me down. The neurologist and the Rheumatologist tried different answers, none of which worked. A locum GP tried a new medication recently recommended for migraine by NICE guidelines and it's been working for the last 2 months now 😊. Everyone's different so it doesn't mean it will work for you sadly but it just may so here's hoping and praying - it's called Topiramate. Hope you find something that helps. X

  • Can lupus cause headaches too?

  • Hi jensen_lynne,

    Lupus can potentially cause headaches. You can read about this in our factsheet, 'LUPUS and the Brain' at lupusuk.org.uk/wp-content/u...

  • Yes. My Rheumatologist put me on daily low dose aspirin initially as he said that often helps with Lupus headaches. In fairness in did help with daily headaches but it set off my asthma and didn't prevent the migraines so much. Might be worth trying under medical guidance if you're not asthmatic though and don't have any other contraindications. Xx

  • I often wake with a migraine .with the usual morning pain n stiffness all over then add migraine and sometimes I am actually crying .even crying makes me hurt more .i usually cant get out of bed these days and lucky I have meds for migraine.my husband brings my meds n a drink then leaves me to it. I like to b left alone and try n sleep it off.doesn't always work but I'm not fit for anything else.x

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