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Hi I'm new 2 this site but have been diagnosed with s l e 4 17yrs . I had a great rheumatologist until 18months ago who understood lupus + me ! I now have a rheumatologist whom I have seen twice but have been waiting 4 an appointment since Jan only 2 b told there is a back log of patients due 2 shortage of consultants + prob app will b in may. The problem is I've been flaring 4 the past month + my g p surgery is so busy I've managed 2 pre book an appointment in 2 wks time I have a blood test form so I'm going 2 get this done before g p app so hopefully save some time. Is anyone experiencing delays in ongoing follow ups with consultants? The problem with leaving lupus too long + not treating flares is the concern how it can build and get out of control !☹️

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  • Can you try a different Drs surgery? My first Drs were useless and in 6 years of me telling them I had lupus they told me I didn't. Moved house so thankfully moved surgery too and a lovely junior Dr helped me so much. I don't know where you are in the country but I now go to Guy's Hospital as they have a lupus centre. (I'm in West Sussex) so not that near to them and although I have had a few problems they are better than my local Rheumatologist who didn't seem to know anything about lupus.

  • I was allocated a consultant who seemed distracted and kept postponing my appointments. I checked experiences with people on this site and was recommended a different one in the same department. He is completely different, listens, I've not had a postponement in the past few years and I find him and his registrar very thoughtful, considerate and responsive. Its a good idea to check with other people if you can. Its not difficult to change but you will need cooperation of GP.

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