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awaiting results

hi everyone im new here, following a really bad episode I went to docs with my symptoms, I was wiped out for nearly 3 weeks, extreme fatigue, chronic aches and pains in joints to the point where I couldn't even open a jar, the pain seemed to travel around my body, rash really high temp and so cold just couldn't warm up. looking back over the last 4 years I have had all classic symptoms but have never got anywhere with docs.

had routine bloods which showed abnormal kidney function and high protein and borderline diabetic, so when I said I was getting pain in kidney area she gave me antibiotics just in case it was infection.

I told doctor I was concerned it could be something more and she agreed it looks like a connective tissue disorder and requested more specialist bloods which I have had and just waiting for results. my last episode was about a month ago and last night I began feeling ill again, slept for hours this afternoon.

I have already gone from working full time to part time as was physically exhausted and couldnt cope as it was making me stressed and depressed and making symptoms worse. i have been referred to a rheumatologist but not had appointment yet,

what do you all think ?

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Hi Tracy

I guess it's difficult to.know until you get blood results back and see rheumy.

I am in a similar situation. Not due to see a rheumy at the mo but just had the antibody bloods done. I guess for me I may get referred if they are positive.

My symptoms are extreme fatigue (which seems a lot better since I job and only do ad hoc work), butterfly rash, bronchiectasis and after doing renal bloods found to have raised creatinine and currently awaiting a ultrasound.

Like you I'm still wandering if I'll end up with a diagnosis of lupus despite all the seemingly likely symptoms! In one way I don't want that diagnosis but yet I know that at least it's treatable and would know where I stand.

Let us know how it goes with your appointment and blood results


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You should push hard for a referral even if your bloods are negative. It is possible to be seronegative but still have Lupus, Sjögren's, Vasculitis, Scleroderma and RA.

In fact around 30%-50% of those with RA and Sjögren's are seronegative - I am although my ANA is positive.

Best of luck.


They generally look for blood test results and a particular list of symptoms for each auto immune condition, of which there are many and they overlap. Press on and don't give up finding a reason for your symptoms. If this is and auto condition, the symptoms can come out over time, so you may be give a provisional diagnosis and then it gets changed. Good luck.


Hi Tracy2500,

Welcome to the LUPUS UK HealthUnlocked Community!

Extreme fatigue and joint/muscle aches and pains are two of the most common symptoms associated with lupus. However, it is important to bear in mind that lupus presents differently in everybody therefore, it is unlikely for two people to share the exact same experience. To find out more about the symptoms of lupus you may like to download or request our free information pack here:

We also offer a guide on the diagnosis of lupus which I hope will be of help to you:

Wishing you all the best, let us know how you get on.


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