Advice on flare-up please?


It's been over a week since my post 'Rubbish weekend'. I have had my rheumatology appointment moved to the beginning of April and have seen my GP. She started me on steroids (Prednisolone) for 5 days and I finished taking these yesterday, but I still feel rubbish. My upper limbs are affected the worst this time. My shoulders, elbows and wrists are pounding in pain and burning from the inside out (I've never had this before) and my hands and the joints of each finger feel like they are being crushed. I'm still taking Naproxen and Cocodamol (the higher dose) with no great effect. I have another appointment at my GPs today, but would really like to be armed with options I can request. So I was hoping that someone has had these experiences and could give me some advice before my appointment.


Nicole2000 ☹️

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  • Hi Nicole2000, I would advise getting a full set of blood done to see what your inflammatory markers are like and if they are very raised your GP should get in touch with your Rheumy. Good luck.

  • Thanks Bronagh for the advice, but I had visited my GPs before I read your reply.

    She wasn't keen on putting me on another course of steroids and didn't suggest taking bloods. Apparently if a course of Prednisolone doesn't work, then a reducing dose of the drug will make no difference (not sure how true this is, but this was the GPs advice). I was advised to take my pain meds and wait until I see my rheumatologist. According to the GPs they need to have instructions from the rheumatologist as to the next move. Their only suggestion to manage my pain was to go onto opioid patches. I stopped having these about 18 months ago and promised myself that once I was off them never to go down the opioids route again. So I am stuck desperately trying to manage my aches and pains until my outpatient appointment at the beginning of April. Approximately 3 weeks to go. Roll on April.

    Nicole2000 ☹️

  • It's not easy Nicole but I don't think there's much else you can do at the moment. GP's are often at a loss with what to do with us, so you should ask you Consultant for advice on that. Good luck with your appointment hopefully the time will fly round. 😊 Bronagh

  • Poor thing - Im in the worse flare of my life, a month in and no let up, cant walk at all.....all we can do is hope for better days and defo get in touch with your Rheumy xx

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