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Black mark on under my arms near my breast

Does anyone get black marks under near breast under arms. Cause since 3-4 days now I've noticed these two marks. I'm a bit afraid , does anyone else with sle had same problem. I'll go to my rheumatologist nxt Thursday will talk abt it to him, but in the meantime if someone can help me, cause I'm anxious. Waiting for 10 more days for an answer is an eternity.. tnx


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Make sure you take pictures of the marks under your arm to show at your appointment. They could be gone in 10 days then it is very hard to describe to doctor and he/she cannot do much about it. Always take pictures, flares can be such fleeting things.

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Tnx very much Chapter.. but tell me one thing have you ever go through something like that?

And sorry for replying now. I was at wrk.


Are you wearing a tight bra there? It Is a scary area of course, but I bruise so easily under my knees I just thought maybe? But I have PMR.


Hi Ronswife. Tnx for your time. I've already checked but no, my bra doesn't even touch the place where it is. I've just done what Chapter told me..take photo of it, and waiting until nxt thursday for my appointment at my doctor. Will let you know what it's all about then.



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