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Follow up to successful pip claim

Hi, thank you to all who have supported me through my pip claim last year, I was awarded it this year but low and behold 2/3rds of my claim is being withdrawn/with held because I live in sheltered accommodation!! I receive no care from social workers, or from the housing charity that co runs the accommodation and my 24/7 carer receives no money i.e. Carers allowance!! I have appealed the descision wish me luck

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*headdesk* It. Never. Ends. I honestly dread even trying for this claim, but I figure I will continue to brazenly make it clear even in my application that I will fight, and fight hard, to get it because I have nothing to lose in doing so. I hope you manage to appeal this nonsense and keep fighting.

I wish you strength.

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Hi Sabine

Good luck with this pip appeal, can't believe they can do this!. Begs belief!. Hope common sense prevails. X


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