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HI folks. I have been worried about new pain in hips for last 6 months during which have had a flare. While waiting for an opinion on it I read a bit and thought I would self administer baby aspirin in case blood is sluggish to bone and behind the problems. The weird thing is I feel SO much better. Better than when on the steroids which I am now off. I suppose this is coincidence but I wondered if anyone else has had a similar experience??

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Hi driven,

Do you know if you have been tested for antiphospholipid syndrome? You can read more about it at


I don't think I have been. I will check. Many thanks for this. It is much appreciated.


Hi driven

Sorry to read of your hip problems. Where is the pain?. If groin then it's the hip joint, if it's down the side and you can put your finger on the spot then it might be bursitis!. Both problems can be helped by a steroid injection. Need to get it checked out though. You may have felt better on aspirin because it is anti inflammatory and interesting you say your off the steroids now. That's a great achievement!. You do also need to get yourself checked as Paul says about APS so best of luck with it all. x


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