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Still waiting 😔

Called my rheumatologist this morning and was told he now on holiday for two weeks!!

They going to get another lady to call me from rheumatology tomorrow. So twiddling my fingers til then. 😔 Not slept all weekend with not knowing where I'm at or what's next. Fingers crossed this other woman from rheumatology can help me with my steps forward. Will post soon as I've heard anything.

Does anyone ever get the feeling that health professionals actually don't care until your constantly annoying them. Which shouldn't be the case 😤 Not a good start to my week!

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Oh dear! Sometimes it feels like they don't care anyway ( though there are heroes and heroines). I hope you can get someone annoyed enough.

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Ah dear! I hope they get round to you soon :) We care about your health :P

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There are good times and bad with consultants I have found over the years some appointments are great others you feel like your being told to plod along and see how you are. which when your in agony is not great to hear. I think alot of it is how stretched they are so I have learned to tell them as much info when your there. when they say how are you its hard to tell them how you have been from the top off your head (with Lupus fog on the spot) take a partner or friend who can help explain. write a note before you go on what you want to say. if your not happy also tell them its your health so you have to have the control over it, best of luck and hope the rest of the week is better for you.


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