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Help for research

Hii.. I will be thankful if anyone here can help me in moving a step towards choosing my research topic.. I m doing my post graduation in physical therapy and will be thankful if any one can help me to explore a new or unknown dimension regarding physical therapy and SLE and I m also a having lupus from last 15 years I guess. Any suggestion in this regard will be welcomed.


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Hi, it might be a good idea to get in touch with Paul at Lupus UK on Monday and see if he has any thoughts on it.


I agree with Bronagh I have lupus, fibro and RA and have never been offered physical therapy. May be an idea to put up a short set of questions for us to complete which may narrow the field for you. Also speak to occupational health as well and their involvement with rehab therapies.

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Think Johare is right, I was given a course of hydrotherapy at one point and it was very helpful but physical therapy doesn't seem to offered very often for lupus


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