Sudden appearance of dark blue veins

Hello. It was last week, very early in the morning and I was off to work when I suddenly saw a dark blue veins at the bottom of my thumb on both hands but it disappeared after an hour or two. It was very visible as if it was outside my skin. It was the first time that it happened so I was really shocked and I nearly cried. I really wanted to know whats the matter with me since Im a really sickly person. If anyone could just enlighten me with this matter I would really thankful. God bless and thank you in advance.

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  • Good morning. I have various ailments. One of them being vasculitis. The veins on my hands and fingers are nearly always very prominent and get swelling. Mine is caused by my vasculitis apparently. Always good to get it checked out.

  • I have those on my chest and legs. Hasnt caused any serious problems for me.

  • If they are worrying you do ask about it! If they seem to come and go take a picture in case they are not there when you see the doctor. It could be nothing but at least if you ask you will know :) I hope you are well

  • I have serious vein poppage ( only way to describe) I'm waiting for unrelated hand surgery on trigger thumb. I do have raynauds though and it's just peachy when that crap flares in my hands. The vein constrict. I was given a calcium channel blocker for it and haven't had an attack in two months !!! Yippee ki yo

    And the big veins went down. Don't know how that worked. My med is nefidapine

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