Hi iam a newbie my partner was diagnosed with lupus at the age of 15 now 40 and had managed her illness ( not a diesease ) as some people call it after a recent trip to London Louise cootes clinic was asked about regular blood tests,I said we go hospital twice a week and wait for a call back usually nxt day( INR rages from 1.2 to 10.5 ) for results as was surprised to be told we can get a machine at home called a quagultor to do the same thing here's my question where can we get one and the cost anyone help please be very grateful for info

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You mean coagulation testing

This was the one my husband looked into getting - but didn't. We don't live in the UK - I don't know if the NHS will help with the csts, the device itself isn't horrendously expensive, ti is the testing strips that cost and I don't know if you can get them prescribed as diabetes testing strips are. The best person to ask at first would be your local pharmacist - not the counter staff, the pharmacist themself.

According to the site I've given you the link for you CAN get the strips etc paid for at your GP's discretion, but have a look for yourself. It is possible you may be able to get a device from the hospital as you need it done so much but you would have to ask.


Thank you for answering my question will be going hospital today for regular blood test and also ask about the machine


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