Hi I have sle and aps and suffers with migraines, I take beta blockers daily for prevention along with lots of other things.

I've just gone back to work after having my baby and have had a flare since her birth. So now I'm having terrible trouble with lights they give me a horrendous headache and can't bear to keep my eyes open and make me feel but disorientated.

I suffered with lights before but not this bad. I usually have to wear sunglasses driving just with normal daylight not even sun.

Does anyone have this problem and is there anything work could do with the light in my clinic room at work??


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  • Hi Sara_A,

    You can find some information on this webpage about the different products that are available for protecting/filtering against UV lighting -

    If they have fluorescent tube lighting, they can obtain sheathes that filter the UV.

  • Is this problem actually to do with the lupus then?

  • Hi Sara_A,

    It is quite possible. UV is a well-known trigger of lupus flares. You can read more about this in our article here -

  • I have a HIGHLY photosensitive element to my lupus - it sparks full on flares, migraines, nausea, blood sugar drops, shaking, my asthma, dizziness, vomiting and swollen joints at its worse. Depending on the lighting that you have there are solutions. I'd also suggest looking at the Access To Work program who might help your employer identify what's needed and fund towards it, depending on the size of the organisation. Good luck

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