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Blood tests and lump

Hi everyone, just been for some blood tests as I have Hashi's and she wants to check whether I may have other auto-immune diseases because of my symptoms. Anyway, I had them taken about an hour and a half a go and now I have a golf-sized lump where the nurse took my blood. Just wondered if anyone else has had this before? My hand is also feeling a bit weird with pins and needles. Never had it before so just wondered whether its normal or not? Thanks!

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Hi Polly2501,

A small bruise or lump (haematoma) may develop after the blood test, but this is

usually self-limiting and does not require treatment. Bruising can look very dramatic and some people may find this worrying especially if it

appears away from the site where the blood has been taken or is visible for a few days following the procedure. However, it is usually harmless and will disperse with time.

If you are concerned perhaps you can call NHS 111 for their advice?


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