Latest Pain Management Appointment and Advice about Raynaud's/ Healthy Diet

I'm getting along so well with the chap I see every month of so. Our latest strategy is to work on the increasing pain/ pins and needles/deadness in fingers and toes with Raynaud's, together with my difficulties in getting food down. To be honest, never mind the rest of the auto-immune problems, these are my priorities, too.

He has Raynaud's in his hands, so has a lot of experience himself. We compared our capillery refill. Not a competition, but mine was worse. One thing has only recently occured to me - calories expended in keeping warm, and I'm concerned about my innards losing out on bood flow. To cut a long story short, we go back to increasing my scarily low body weight, which I'm convinced will aid with fatigue, ability to get more exercise, get out more, once again reduce worries about my innards being used to supply fuel, and feel less gloomy. It's the usual smaller meals often.

He's sending an app, which they use in connection with keeping track of pain levels, stress, mediatation advice/CBT. I can use it to remind myself and keep track of eating, though I'll have a good look at everything on it. My days are rather disorganised, so I want to get into a schedule.

While I was there (at a new GP practice closer to home) I registered with them. It's friendlier, more efficient, and generally has a better feel than my current one. Haven't tried any of the GPs yet, but there are plenty to chose from. Seems to be the first time they have encountered a patient printing off and filling out the necessary forms, but all was fine.

Sorry to go on, but now awaiting a phone call booked with current practice the best part of a week ago ( no appts ever, but the place is deserted when I do go).

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Sounds good to me - hope it all works well. I like the sound of your pain management chap. At least he is being practical about things!


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