Still undiagnosed and misunderstood x

It's me again. Seem to join this site every now and then when my resolve is low. Pain at present is quite severe but have some new symptoms that you might be able to reassure me about. When l stand up l get shooting pain from the soles of my feet also very tight so painful running down the side of my foot.

When l sit down l get a sharp pain this time going up my spine from my cocycx.

At night when l lie down l get a tightness in my chest. Can't sleep despite the number of pills l take but can drop off during the day without notice which is a little unnerving.

I am forgetting words which have meaning in a sentence including peoples names. I know l have the answer but can't seem to find it to complete my sentence which is really annoying and a little scary. Still no diagnosis as such just query possible MS scribbled across my notes

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Hi Anne51,

Have you mentioned the chest pain to your doctor? There are a few possible causes for this and chest pain should always be investigated to be safe.

The cognitive symptoms you mention sound like possible brain fog. If you'd like to learn more about this, you can read our article at


I will pray for you🙏


I'm sorry for your conditions right now. I find that stress causes me to forget a lot of things. Stress also causes me to tighten up my muscles, therefore I end up in a lot of pain especially in my legs and feet.

I went to the podiatrist gave me shots right into the bottom of my feet I don't recommend it it really hurts they also gave me exercises to do because I have plantar fasciitis, if you'll stand on the step and bend your heel below your foot and stretch your foot out it'll save you want of money time and aggravation

When I got my doctors bill I found that they had even charge me $25 for a stop smoking class ridiculous!

I don't know what's wrong with these doctors but I do know that stress causes most of my problems so I wanted to get massages , take that bubble bathS, and try to meditate, learning to breathe properly.

Oh and I invested in good orthotics for my shoes which helps align my body better

Good luck and gentle hugs


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