Blister from taking something out if the freezer (Renaud's)?

Has anyone had this? Number two son unexpectedly called to ask for some dinner. I grabbed a couple of freezer bags of chili I'd made. My hands are super cold today, and I only took the bags with the tips of my fingers very quickly. I now have a blister on the pad of one finger, and it feels exactly as if I've burnt it.

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Hello Lupiknits,

Ouch! It certainly sounds like you have a cold burn.

I have quite severe Raynaud's and know how long it often takes for my fingers to restore blood supply after chilling - it sounds like yours didn't manage it before there was some tissue damage.

My understanding is that - obviously! - you need to keep the affected part warm, and treat the blister as you would any other kind of blister. There is an extra level of concern, of course, as the underlying condition makes recovery less straightforward.

I've been told that, as well as being particularly careful to keep the affected part warm, to go to the GP if I am at all concerned it is not healing quickly - especially if the area around the blister stays numb, hard or cold.

Hope it clears up very quickly


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