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Been in pain for over 5 months on my right side of my chestand a cough that comes and goes...very worried anyone else have this?

Hi I'm a 38 year old woman seems like I'm having upper right chest pains and a cough that comes and goes for sometime now. I don't know if it's breast cancer symptoms God forbid or my heart. My doctors ordered a chest lung ct scan my insurance denied it...im always tired too with this if anyone has an idea of what I have or experienced this I would appreciate any advice.thank you I have children to take care of and it's very hard when I get this pain.

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I think you should ask your own GP for an x-ray, and if it still causes symptoms, ask for a chest clinic referral.

You should have some sort of treatment if the cough goes on for more than 2 weeks.

Lupus can cause this type of coughing because it inflames the lungs, so its important to get it sorted.

best wishes for the future


Hi Worried78,

It is important that chest pain and persistent coughs are investigated. I think that teapot65 has given you some excellent advice. Please go back to your GP and ask for tests/a referral. Let us know how you get on.


NOT to worry you, but yes, definitely investigate and be confident with your doctor's diagnosis or push it further with your GP, as Paul Howard said, for a referral.

I am one of the unlucky ones where Lupus attacked my lungs. I had a dry cough for quite awhile. When I seemed to get worse (probably with cold symptoms) Xrays showed a typical pneumonia pattern and I was given antibiotics. (I had pneumonia 4 times in 5 years). As soon as I finished the antibiotics, a few days later, coughing and general malaise came back. So they tried another antibiotic. Another couple of weeks brought the same pattern. The GP thought it a resistant strain. This went on for four months. (I would feel better after a few days since the antibiotics had anti-inflammatory properties, but coughing would return after the 7 or 10 days of antibiotics were stopped.)

I got referred to a great Pulmonologist who consults with my Rheumatologist.

Between a CT scan, swallowing a camera for a look and getting a lung biopsy, they concluded Lupus was the culprit.

Now I'm on prednisone and immune suppressant (Cellcept) which has stopped the coughing and controls the Lupus from further damaging my lungs.


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