How long for Ana tests back

Hi everyone. Can someone please advise me on how long it takes to get the ANA blood test back I had them done on the 16th December. All I have heard is that it is a potential positive and waiting sent to Leeds further analysis. I have had my second set of tests back for my thyroid function and I now need to speak to my GP as it has come back abnormal again tsh level 0.01 and T4 level 13.9, still have low vitamin d even though I have been taking supplements for it.

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Mine took 4 weeks (also sent to Leeds).

My TSH has been suppressed for years. Taking T3/T4 combo.

I've also been on mega dose of vitamin D and only just at right levels. Luckily I have a good endocrinologist.


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Thanks for replying. I'm just getting a little wrestless wanting to know the results, to get some clarity on my illnesses. GP says he will let me know as soon as he gets the results. As for the thyroid test I we as sure it would come back underactive but he told me it was overactive, thanks again


Leeds operates on a different time zone I think. Five months to let my GP know my VitD was seriously low. They usually get it right in the end. Sorry, that was just my experience, and I have no idea if it's typical. Hope your experience is much much better.

Yes, I'm a grumbly guts again today.

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That's ok I feel that way too some days 😊


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