Hi. I'm having another flare with severe eczema, it's the second time in a month. I don't have the blood results necessary for a diagnosis but I do have a buttterfly rash and many of the symptoms of lupus. Since yday I've been getting a general soreness in my stomach and back and today it's more pronounced in the kidney area right across my back. I'm slightly breathless and headacy too. Can anyone advise me, please?

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We can't give medical advice here even if we wanted to so you need to see your doctor and ask for blood tests for autoimmunity and inflammation I would say.

For what it's worth, I had severe eczema and alopecia and butterfly rash flares all through my life up until I was 45 when they stopped suddenly. Now, 9 years on, I've never had eczema or alopecia since then but I do have primary Sjogrens Disease and Hypothyroidism. I was told by a dermatologist that I had Rosacea to explain the facial rashes - although I had these often as a child and I think they were not Rosacea or Eczema then.

Nowadays I get flares of pompholyx on my fingers and palms rather than eczema but I think this relates to thermostatic changes and not sweating anymore - as part of my Sjogrens with secondary Raynauds.

Although Eczema is not autoimmune in the way that Psoriasis is - it can still be an allergic response to immune problems and I have since learned that alopecia is certainly autoimmune. So I am sure I've had autoimmunity/ Sjogrens since I was a child.

So it is defintely worth asking your doctor for further investigations and important to get kidney pain, breathlessness checked out by a doctor asap.

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Thank u Twitchytoes x


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