Swollen top lip

Swollen top lip

Hi can anyone help. I have lupus and under active thyroid. Recently (3 times) my top lip has swollen up. It goes down after a day. It feels like you've been stung and then u start to scatrch. My consultant is baffled.

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  • My daughter used to have a similar problems when she was younger - it only happened very occasionally and most often during Advent. We eventually narrowed it down to having happened after eating cheap chocolate (out of Advent calendars in particular).

    So I suggest you look at what you have been eating shortly before - it might not be, but it is possible!

  • Hi thanks for that xx

  • Yes I was also going to suggest it's something you are eating as local allergies of lips like this tend to relate to things you have eaten. Mine used to swell often but I never found out why. Hydroxichloraquine made my whole face and lips swell and so did a kitten once - it can be dangerous if this affects your throat too so important to try and find the cause. Lip swelling is usually food or pill/chemical related I believe. Something that has come into direct contact with your mouth.

  • I can't seem to work it out as tonight for the first time my bottom lip swelled up. It is very itchy. All the foods I eat I always eat. I haven't had any new food ( I'm quite fussy with food. I always eat the same chocolate and I haven't even indulged this xmas with food. It's a mystery. Will have to keep a diary. Thank you though twitchytoes x

  • Hi Sandyb1

    Before I start I will apologise for the length of my reply!

    As a child & young woman I had a rash and swellings of various parts of my body, especially the face, eyes, lips etc. It could happen at any time and went on for years, until I was about 28, when it stopped as quickly as it started. At various times my parents and I were told I was sensitive to fish, food or one time that it was nerves and I would grow out of it when I was having periods! I was only 6 at the time! Eventually one enterprising doctor got me some tests and it was found I was allergic to colour & preservative in food and aspirin. Apparently aspirin is also in some foods in a natural form.

    It could also be medication but whatever it is you shouldn't have to suffer this and I think you should ask for allegy tests, so they can narrow it down, which is much easier these days.

    With all you are coping with I know this is probably one of the lesser things, but I know how debilitating this kind of thing can be so I wish you good luck and a speedy outcome.

  • Morning bakbre.

    Thank you for your message. I will ask for a allergy test. It's just a pain as I have no idea or control over this xx

  • Doesn't mean they can identify what it is - a diary so you can identify to some extent what causes it is probably more use. There are an awful lot of things you can be allergic to that aren't in the set of stuff they use for the tests. I have a typical food allergy to something in (probably) some red wines - can't be identified with skin testing so the immunologist just said to take an antihistamine if I am going to drink a red wine I'm not familiar with! Works...

  • Lol in red wine!! I do need to keep a diary though. Just weird how all of a sudden this has happened and more frequent. I'm in clinic in Feb so in between will keep a log. Thanks x

  • I am having a similar problem where my face swells up after eating cheap chocolate. It has only just happened. Maybe some ingredients in popular chocolate have changed.

  • Hi tylerbsmith some one else said chocolate as well. The last two days I've not had a swollen lip xx Thank you

  • Great! I hope I get better too. I might have to take an allergy test...

  • I might ask for that next time I'm in clinic. Good luck xx

  • Thanks, You too! xx

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