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Hi everyone, I'm hoping one of you lovely people can help, I have CTD and recently I've had some odd things happen. It started with dizziness then a high pitched buzzing, then a horrid sore in one nostril and ulcer in mouth appeared followed by pains in both forearm's and a feeling of tiredness then I started to feel like my body was being pricked allover and then I started scratching my neck and arms and hands. Following morning I had a painful itchy rash, is this normal for CTD.

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Sounds about right Emily. Sounds just like me.


I'd get it checked out just in case something else or a crossover CTD such as vasculitis. I have recently developed a very high frequency tinnitus alongside existing facial weirdness and disequillbrium/ dizziness. I think it is all related to sjogrens with me though.


Hi emilyjasmine,

I'd suggest you follow Hidden advice and report it to your doctor. It could be that you are experiencing a flare or these could potentially be symptoms of an overlap condition. You may need an adjustment to your treatment.

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