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Flare up ?

Hi everyone, I've had lupus for 12 years... Thankfully it has been quite well managed for the past years...However, I've recently had a high fever of 40.5 degree out of a sudden but it subsided within a day after a course of antibiotic i got from the GP.. i suspected it may be due to my urinary infection ...

My feet was a bit swollen after the fever but it's fine now... Everything is pretty much back to normal now ... Just that i've been having some weight loss and hair loss recently .. So with the recent sudden high fever, i'm worried that i may be having a mild flare up .. So i'm wondering if i can get some advice on whether i should go in and have a check up or it's actually nothing? My next appt would be on 12 Jan 2017... Should i wait till then?

Sigh ... after 12 years of having the disease i would say big part of managing the disease is actually to manage your state of mind .. a little redness here and there or a slight pain somewhere would made me worried for days and eventually turn out to be nothing...

Hope i could get some answers from here ... Thanks

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Can you not ring your clinic for advice ? Usually they are fine about it . What medication are you on , have you recently changed your medication or have you been on the same for 12 years . You may have something unrelated to your lupus what did gp say .


I went for a blood test, fbc and renal profile seems fine .. dr have recently reduced my dosage of cellcept from 500mg to 250mg ..


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