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PIP tribunal - can I submit medical evidence late?

As I've put in other posts I've recently appealed my PIP assessment and had my initial reply from the tribunals service. Today I had a follow up appointment with Guys for the photosensitivity and the consultant asked if his letter had helped and I looked at him blankly. It turns out he had done a "to whom it may concern" letter supporting my appeal back in October but I never received it and I'd just assumed he couldn't help as my rheumy had indicated she was restricted by nhs rules and had to wait for the dwp to request info.

Having read it it strongly supports my case and spells out that the reaction from the lupus makes me have to walk slowly (which the assessor had mentioned so shouldn't be in doubt) and that this makes it unsafe for me as it increases my light exposure.

Anyway with this in mind I REALLY want to add this to the evidence submitted to the tribunal but have I missed the boat does anyone know? I've tried doing a google search to see what I do to submit it or if I just take it to the hearing with me eventually but can't find anything. Anyone know the procedure?

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Hi Mifford. You will have a contact phone number for the Courts & Tribunal Service on your paperwork. I found them very helpful in advising on what was permitted. If memory serves (no guarantee!) I was given an address (both snail mail and email) to which I could submit information. Obviously you want support from your Consultant included; spell out the above in your covering letter (orig. not received) and the panel will understand any discrepancy in the date of the doc's letter and the date of submission. Been there, so wishing you courage, stamina, and an understanding panel. x


Many thanks - I rang the tribunal service this morning and they advised to go ahead and send it in as soon as I can either by post, email or fax and they would then add it to my case. I also found out that the DWP haven't replied on my case yet and they technically only have until the 15th (tomorrow) although they allow about a week for postage etc so if I haven't heard anything by the end of next week get back in touch so they can check whether they have received anything or if the DWP are in default or something along those lines. I'll probably leave it until after Christmas and contact them if nothing comes through - he did advise me it doesn't mean that my case will automatically be found in my favour but the judge will review everything and make a order as to how to progress and it never goes down well if the DWP have ignored the first stage. Is it bad that I'm hoping they don't reply *grin*. I'm not counting on it being decided without a tribunal though but miracles might happen!


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