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Scared of cancer

Hello my name is mamie, a 24 years female, through out my life, I have undergone 3 Ct scans within 4 years and several x-rays and the Latest x-ray was 2 weeks ago which was 9 shots and the last ct scan was last 3 weeks. Now I am very restless and worried that I might have been exposed to too much radiation that can cause cancer for me. Please am I in any risk, should I be worried.

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Oh bless u , what a lovely name. Don't be worried they wouldn't have put you through it if it was unsafe for you. Over the years I've had that many I lost count.

Have a good day take care Hayley x

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Thank you very much for your reply, just that google freaks me out when they mention young women have higher risks


Hi Mammie92,

Have you discussed your concern with your doctor? I'm sure they would be able to explain why these tests were necessary. As tremarel has said, your doctor would not request these tests if you didn't need them and would not unnecessarily cause any risk to your long term health.

The health risks from the radiation the imaging equipment uses are generally very low, and usually outweighed by the benefits of getting the right diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

The dose received from medical imaging is usually less than what we'd be exposed to naturally over a few days or years (depending on the type). Although medical x-rays add some extra radiation on top of this, they also bring great benefits to patients. Unnecessary x-rays should be avoided.

Cancer Research UK have a great page with more helpful information about this if you are interested -


Thank you for your reply, I will try and stay off googling because I keep seeing more scary stuff


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