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Univeristy​ student looking for research participants

I posted on here two months ago to make some initial enquiries and many of you were kind enough to respond. I am looking to now recruit three participants to carry out interviews. Ideally I would like to speak with people in London or not too far outside of London so that I can carry the interviews out in person. I would much prefer the opportunity to meet fellow Lupus patients rather than conduct interviews on the phone but will complete phone interviews if face to face is not possible.

I will travel to meet participants so you will not incur any expenses or need to commit to more time beyond the inehrtview session.

This is the information from my recruitment flyer:


Do you have a confirmed diagnosis of Lupus and are under the care of a doctor?


Currently use (or have used in the last 12 months) herbal medicines (either over the counter or prescribed by a practitioner)?

What is the study for?

The interview data will be used anonymously as part of a student dissertation for a final year degree in Western Herbal Medicine.

What does the study involve?

A 5 minute telephone call to confirm eligibility and schedule interview.

A 30 minute telephone or face to face interview discussing your experiences of using herbal medicines as a Lupus patient.

All information will remain anonymous.

Further information will be supplied on initial contact.

Research will be supervised by Guy Waddell PhD at University of Westminster.

For further information please contact the student researcher Sonya Elnaschie via email on:

If you are interested in participating then please comment, send me a message or email. I can then provide you with further information. If participants wish to receive a summary of my findings at the end of the project I will be happy to provide this.

Many thanks


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I am available in December and January for interviews


I have successfully conducted two interviews thanks to the community on here. If anyone would like to take part via telephone I am looking for one last participant.


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