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High CA-125 blood test again?

I had to have a ca -125 blood test done 6 weeks ago now due to abdominal pains and feeling uncomfortable in my stomach that come back 70, my scans was normal....

I had to have the blood test done again last week as another dr said its not normal, now they have come back at 86, so now i have to go back to the cancer clinic again within 2 weeks and then see a gyno... Very confused ??

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Hi Hidden,

Sorry to hear about this. Is there anybody in your medical team that you could ask about this and get a bit more clarification about what is happening?


Well I asked my rhumy who i saw 2 weeks ago if it could be connected with the lupus or tissue disease but he couldnt answer me anything, so at the moment im just in the dark with everything


I think they are following protocol - an abnormal ca-125 is potentially a sign of certain cancers and you are also complaining of abdominal symptoms so they want to check it out properly. But it doesn't mean it IS cancer:

"The level of CA125 in the blood can rise for many reasons, which include endometriosis, menstruation, ovarian cysts, and sometimes ovarian cancer."

If they do it at the wrong time of the month it can be high, some people simply have a high level, especially if they have endometriosis that hasn't been identified. I had my smear etc last year and they did an ultrasound - and found a small ovarian cyst so now I have to go back every year for another. But that is fine - if anything changes they will know quickly.


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