Does your joint pain get worse the colder it gets?


My joint pain has been worse the last couple of weeks and I'm wondering if it's due to the coldness. I'm on hydroxychoriquine and anti inflammatories and these have been managing my pain until recently. The only great change has been the weather, so I was wondering if someone else may be experiencing the same thing.



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  • I agree , you need to wrap up warm and turn the heating up a notch

  • It's common for certain sorts of weather to make rheumatic diseases worse - the German weather forecasts even include a warning about what illnesses won't do so well the next day!

  • yes today I m facing this problem what I should do right now??I m on 20mg steriod and 200mg hydroxychroriquine.should I rest myself or do exercise??

  • Hi yes this has happened to me turned the heating up and layers of clothingon and im still freezing i hate winter .

  • hi nicole

    I think we all do the other day i whent for mind over matter walk i call them and my feet whent stone cold could not get them warm Now i have cold sores on my big toes and pain in the front of my thighs SO I THINK THE COLD WEATHER WITH THE DAMP HAS A LOT TO DO WITH IT.

  • I have been taking the recommended dose of 400mg of Turmeric for the last few weeks to ease my Sjogrens cough - a side effect is the easing of my joint pain so much so I am far fewer pain killers. For the first time the cold snap has not hurt! It is used in Asian medicine and cooking all the time - a natural anti inflammatory- my Doc is delighted. Website : turmericforhealth. Full of info - packets of the stuff in Holland and Barrett 🤔

  • Ps - I am on Hydroxychloroquine too for Lupus

  • Yes the cold definately makes me worse -- particularly joint pain and stiffness, and damp weather in particular seems to really affect my joints. I take hydroxychloroquine and non steroid anti-inflammatories every day but also have paracetamol and codeine as I need it. It may be worth speaking to your GP about pain management

  • My hands and legs definitely get worse in the cold weather try to keep warm

  • Yes, I certainly find this and I can't stand the heating too high, so I wrap up warm and wear lots of layers, hat and gloves, etc.

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