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PLEASE HELP?!? Unusual rash :(

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hello I wonder if anyone could help me :)

I am currently undergoing tests for lupus and are yet to attend my firm rheumatologist appointment next week. Along with the various other never ending symptoms, I have these strange spots come up on me, there on my arms and back and have had the dry skin not the sores on my face too. It starts off looking like the picture new over time drys up covered in flakey skin? There is no itching what so ever and doesn't cause any irritation. The whole process of it flaking over then slowly dissapearing has taken over a month, and they appear at different times not altogether so I currently have some in the flake stages at the moment. I'm just wondering if anyone else has experienced similar symptoms or if you recognise what these could be? Thank you :)

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Have you had your platelet levels checked? also make sure you show your rheumatologist either the rash or photo of as rashes are important in assisting diagnosis. Hope you get somewhere soon! x

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I have and I was told they were within the normal range. when I was younger I had abnormalities with them though. thank you :) I have my appointment next week, it's my first time so feeling a little worried as to what to expect! xx

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I'll keep a look out for your update, good luck! 💚

Ask for a biopsy?

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I'm hoping they will do one when I go next week fingers crossed. x

Thankyou I will keep you posted on what they say next week :) would you mind me asking what other symptoms you experience? x

To me, it looks just like the sores I have everywhere. That is a mild one. Mine progressed so fast but to me it sure does look like a lupus sore. It took me years to get diagnosed. I just got diagnosed about month ago. And am just starting to take meds. I feel better physically already within a weak, but am very depressed emotionally. I am grateful for this group.

I wish you the best..

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I'm sorry for your suffering :(, when you get the sores do they then crust over? eventually leaving a dry patch? I'd be interested to know. Thank you :)

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Yes they do.. I got about ten on my face 😴

Hello :) I've had my first rheumatologist appointment today and would say it went fairly ok. I've made a post on it and would be interested to see what you think about my diagnosis and how your diagnosis was reached. thankyou x

I started getting these exact rash spots about 13 years ago. I’ve had three biopsies of the lesions, all at different newly formed, another about half way through and an older lesion when it got scaly. Three different diagnoses. Basically a non diagnosis. How can it be 3 different things?! Told it’s an early psoriasis and that it’s eczema and pitiriasis something or other. You’re the first person who I’ve heard of describing what I have.

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