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DWP Health Assessment

Just got back from the Job Centre where I had my second health care assessment for my ESA. The first time I had an assessment there, I didn't like the Medical Practitioner. I felt he was trying to catch me out. This time it couldn't have been more different. I had a female practitioner who obviously knew her stuff and was very sympathetic towards me. She didn't ask me lots of silly questions and as she wrote things down she read allowed so I would know what she had written. She also gave me some advise on physio and occupational health as well. I was very impressed..

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Hi Alison brown

Glad you had such a good assessment , shows it's possible. Hope you get the right result out of it. X


That's sounds very encouraging for you. Fingers crossed for the right outcome


Wow I were really lucky.I had assessment last week.the man I seen hardly looked at me.hardly spoke except to ask questions that were impossible to give short answer for and he would cut me off half way through what I was saying to ask next question.then all of a sudden said he was finished cause he couldn't ask rest of all b sent blah blah blah.I know I 've failed just waiting on the dredded letter to tell me.😢I'm glad u had a positive experience.


That sounds positive let's hope he trains others.

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