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Eye tests and plaquenil



I just want to check how frequently you should get your eyes tested when taking plaquenil. I think its yearly but I am not sure, i hope someone here can advise me. I hope you are having a reasonable start to the day🌷

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On my repeat prescription it says every 3 months, but when I checked with my Lupus Doctor he said yearly. I need to book mine as I'm over due.

Hi Weathervane,

Yes it is yearly. It's very rare now apparently for hydroxy to affect the eyes but it's better to be safe than sorry.

Thanks Nikki and Georgie

That means im probably due a check up soon as well, better safe than sorry😃I will check with him about eye drops when im there as i dont think hylo forte is working as well as it should


Hi there,

You might find the following leaflet about lupus and the eyes useful


It is recommended that you have your eyes tested at least every 12 months.

weathervane in reply to Hidden

Thank you for that. I have sjogrens which has alot of similar problems.

Gizmok9 in reply to Hidden

Is there any NHS guidelines for eye test yearly ? I have been refused by optician, luckily my 2 year mark is January, I said about now being on hydroxy for over 18 months. 400 per day. He saw us for for a quick check but said can't give us full check up as NHS won't fund. Pushing to see us December as that's 30 days till 2 year mark, I have mild dry eye but my main issues it light sensitive in eyes, I use sun glasses lots and bought tinted drive lense glasses my self to use on indoor lighting, I get migraines and sickness at times from this also have visual problems looking at stripes and patterns. ( he does say this is a condition he can help with, it started in my teens!! I've put up with for it for years I'm 39 now. Doctors have said it just migraine related!! ) I'm in Scotland.

weathervane in reply to Gizmok9

I used to suffer from similar migraines and i was advised to try feverfew and i had success with it. I no longer have migraines, I think they were related to stress at the time

frog in reply to Gizmok9

Hi, your optician will advise you about a recall period, if they feel everything is fine then it may remain 2 yearly.

But if you state you are having problems with your eyes, you can have a NHS sight test earlier than your 2 year recall date.

Due to your medications I would ask if you will be automatically placed on a yearly recall.

Never just wait, if you have a problem get seen. The NHS will allow sight tests if there is a problem.

Take care Sandy

Paul_HowardAdministrator in reply to Gizmok9

Hi Gizmok9,

I don't believe that you would be entitled to a free eye-test yearly when taking hydroxychloroquine, but that is the frequency that is generally recommended.

You can perform a visual field test yourself using an AMSLER grid which you can find here - gwh.nhs.uk/media/175833/hyd...

If you are concerned about any visual impairment, mention it to your GP or consultant and they will be able to refer you to opthermology.

Good morning. I have mine checked yearly. It's been 3 years since I've been taking it and no problems yet. Doc said it doesn't usually happen for several years. Hope you are well!

Thanks wsjkcj

Im keeping grand at moment! Steroid injections really helped bursitis so can get about a bit easier. Hope you are keeping well xx

Mine are annual :) Been taking hydroxy for about 11 years and so far so good

I was prescribed Hydroxychloroquine in April 2015. I got my eyes tested before I started taking it. I told the optician that I had been prescribed Hydroxychloroquine and she said that I would need to have my eyes tested every year instead of every two years. I didn't have to pay for any of the eye tests I've had.

I have always had yearly eye tests because of taking Hydroxychloroquine and the optician picked up on a problem at the back of my eye which I was not aware of. I was told to discontinue taking the medication and the eye hospital are seeing me every 6 months to monitor it. So I would certainly advocate yearly eye tests in order to prevent long term problems with your sight.

Hi prescilla

Thats good the probelm was picked up i hope all is well with you now. I will definitely be getting my eyes tested ! Were you able to get an alternative to the plaquenil ?

Not at the moment,seems like the alternative is steroids which can have problems long term so I see the consultant every 6 months. I must say though i didn't realise how beneficial the medication was until I had to stop it.

Sorry about that , i hope that your rheumy can come up with something else in the future that suits you 🌸

Hello again.

I managed to leave out of my last reply (which is the most important part)

An NHS sight test is only available if you are entitled to it. (Certain benifits, family tax credit. If you are Diabetic. Etc.

Or you could look for saving vouchers most larger opticians run promotions.

But I would recommend going to and staying with one company, (as most are franchises stick to the same store, as your records are held and not automatically shared.) as they will retain records and usually usually retinal photography of your eyes which can be compared if needed.

Best wishes Sandy

Thanks Sandy, i stick with same optician as he knows me and has picked up problems my husband had in past xx

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