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Winter again !

hi folk its been a while . Back to winter gloves are out and thick clothes ..joints aching always got a cold .. And now have psorias on scalp very itchy and annoying ..went the rhummy have to have cat scan on lungs now keep getting breathless my heart is ok been checked out .he thinks my lungs could be the problem .see what happens .flipping lupus ..! X

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You poor thing - Lupus is very difficult to live with - I hear rumours of a new drug coming along. Fingers crossed eh?




It is still not cold here in the southeastern part of the U.S. In the state of Alabama. We are still in the high 70's to low 80's degrees Fahrenheit, during the day and mid to low 50's at night.

We broke a record today. Not one to be proud of, today is the 55th day without rain! We are extremely dry here, streams are all but gone. Our river close by me is nothing more than a creek now. There is still no rain in our weather forecast for the next 10 days! I have a well I get my water from I am starting to get concerned that it may go dry! That would be my luck holiday season and a dry well! Fortunately, I do have an alternative. I can cut one valve off and turn another valve on and, I will be on the public water system, that is if it doesn't go dry also?

Wishing you and your family the best.



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