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Poll Re Louise Coote Lupus Unit

Poll Re Louise Coote Lupus Unit

Good Morning Everyone

Paul has suggested that I post this on your lovely forum to let you know that we at Sticky Blood- Hughes Syndrome Support, are running a Poll about the above unit at Guys and would really appreciate your opinions too.

So if you would like to share your views but are not already following our Forum, pop up to "My Communities" above, click the little down arrow, scroll to our forum and then click on "follow". You can then navigate to the poll and vote.

If you then don't want to remain members just unfollow again but we always welcome new members if you have sticky blood!

Thanks in advance for your votes.

Sticky Blood-Hughes Syndrome Support Admin

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Am I thick lol I did what u said and did not get sent any where please advise what I may be doing wrong


Hi jacclaire - When you say you did what I said, do you mean in joining the SB-HS Support community? The reason you will need to join the community is until you do you cant vote in the poll. If you are sure you are "following" the Forum, then I suggest you sign out and sign in again and see if that updates everything and then let me know if it still does not make a difference - it should. In the meantime I will check to see if you are a member. Keep going we will get there! ;-)


I have checked and you are still not a member so I guess you are not following yet. Have another go at what I said above. Find our Community by going to the top of this page and clicking on the drop down arrow beside "My Community" and then "browse communities". When you see Sticky Blood - Hughes Syndrome Support click "Follow". You should then be able to go to that community and click on "Polls".

Let me know if you still have issues.


Yes please if u could


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