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Red facial rash with swelling - I am new here

I haven't been diagnosed with lupus but I am beginning to wonder about it. I only found out about Lupus when I googled my recent facial problem. So any comments would be appreciated.

I already have an underactive thyroid and a diagnosis of ME plus B12 & vitamin D deficiency . Three times in Septenber I have had a red face and swollen cheek, but only one cheek. The second time the sewlling was worse so I went to the doctor and she siad it was an infection (Erysipelas) and prescribed antibiotics. 3 days after the antibiotics finished the redness and swelling came back again. I had been sitting in the sun the day before. The redness has gone and I am putting creams on the peeling skin.

I have always had good colour in my face as I like to be outdoors, but in more recent timesI have had periods of red cheeks and often afterwards I feel tired for quite some time, which I assumed was my ME. When I was looking at the Lupus symptoms a lot of them seem the same as ME and thyroid problems. I have virtually no eye brows/eye lashes and am losing my hair.

Is the rash always on both sides of the face or can it be one sided and does it also result in swollown cheeks?

Sorry for the long post but this year my ME seems to be getting worse and I am looking for explanations especially as I had to stop work due to ME and the expected improvment has not happened.

Thanks for reading

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Hi there. Getting a lupus diagnosis can be hard work especially when they already have given a diagnosis for something else. But by the sounds of the rash it is a distinct possibility. My rash tends to be dominant on one side but on both and always across the bridge of my nose. Worth requesting a rheumatology consult and blood tests to go with.

Hope you get some answers soon


Hi carer999,

Based on some of the symptoms you mention, it would be worth pushing to be tested for lupus. You could ask your GP to refer you to a rheumatologist who will usually be more experienced in diagnosing and treating autoimmune conditions.

If you want more information about lupus and how it is diagnosed, you can request or download our free pack at


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