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So I've had 1 a week.

Fever, chills, aches & pains, slept almost 24/7. Snottynose, sore throat, losst voice, ravenous hunger.

After literary all day in bed yesterday (son brought up food, drinks, made sure I had meds) I decided that while I feel tootired to, I WILL shower. Imagine my shock to realise I haven't the energy to put my hands to my head and wash my hair!!!!!! Even just soaping my body down was such effort while seated in the shower.

Couldn't stand up to turn off the shower,legs disappeared from under me between the bathroom and my bedroom, where I'm now lay, exhausted rather than the refreshed and energised I hoped for.

'Just a cold'???? Really??????

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No - that sounds like proper flu, certainly a good going viral infection that is a bit more than a cold!


Its rough, that much I do know

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Hi Nanuuk,

Sorry to hear you are so unwell at the moment. Have you made your doctor aware that you are currently struggling with a virus? Are you on immunosuppressant treatments at the moment?


I was like This last year it was awful I even ended up going down to a&e but I meet a lovely doctor who said the best thing was to come off the medication so you're immune system goes back up to normal because the medication makes the white blood cells lower which is harder to fight these things he said it's all about trying to find a balance, only for a few days nothing drastic and TBH I did feel better after I did that!


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